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January 05, 2005


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I never had any muscle/joint issues-- but I was very careful to follow the diet and hydration advice during treatment. If you do notice any unusual muscle soreness, talk to your doc about it. Brother, your lips are gonna be at least a little dry and sore. Its just gonna happen. But the Aquaphor was a huge improvement over regular chap-stick/lip balms for me. I wish Id have known about it from day one. As long as you use something like that all day (I switched to the cetaphil moisturizing lotion for the nighttime, since you dont want to grind petroleum jelly into your especially delicate pores on your pillow)
Also, keep in mind you are supposed to avoid the sun while on treatment-- making sure youre using a UV-blocking lip balm may be good for you since youll probably be outside in band...

Is it worth it? For me, oh yeah! Its now been over four years now, and I am still clear-- there are some people that have recurrence, but I have been great overall-- As Ive mentioned before, the ONLY regret I have is that I didnt discover this treatment sooner-- every minute of confidence, focus, and happiness gained by not constantly being worried about the looks/pain of my skin was worth it to me. In the end though, only you can decide if its right for you.

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Nice, and damn, the initial breakout after starting must of been awful to have to deal with O.o. I wouldn't deem my acne 'severe', but it certainly is stubborn. It looks like the first picture of your face pretty much everywhere I have it. I may start the treatment next month, but then a month after that track season starts. How much muscle and joint pain did you experience? Also, I'm a trumpet player, just made allstate for the first time this year. Any flaking in my lips could result in them bleeding that much easier, thus making practicing more painful then it has to be. I would love to have clear skin that didnt require so much attention just to stay partially clear. But at the same time, is it worth it? Do you have any regrets or have you shown signs of relapse?


Wow amazing transformation!
Im on my third week of accutane (still a long way to go =()
And as of so far I havent had any adverse effects.
Just dry skin and dry lips. I dont know what moisturizer to use.. I havent found one that'll keep me "unflakey" for the most part. Its just really bad on my chin and beside my nose.. on each side. And my lips are peeling like crazy!


please do help... i am on my third month of accutane... I also have the same acne as you had.... please help, i think accutane is not working for my acne....

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