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January 29, 2005


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This site was exactly what I needed to find today! My flare up is getting really bad and it really makes me feel so much better to see a great end result. A light as appeared at the end of the tunnel :) thank you!!!


Thank you so very much for your note-- I really appreciate your words, and it gives me great comfort knowing that my difficult times are helping you through yours in some small way--
take a look into the primal diet as well- marks daily apple is a great website that discusses it in detail- I highly recommend it-

Kindest regards--


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Thank you so much for being so brave as to put yourself out there! I just started my second round of isotretinoin (the first one was many years ago) and seeing your amazing results is really encouraging, especially since my skin has only gotten worse after starting the medication. But hopefully it will be worth it in the end!


I just started my fourth month on Accutane. Your blog is very helpful. Thanks.


Thank you so much for taking the time to create this, I know I am just seeing it like 7 years later but I guess that just goes to show that it is still useful, right?? Well I have been struggling with acne since I was about 10 or 11. I am now 21 and going into my 3rd year in college. I never thought I would still be dealing with this. When I was 16, after exhausting all other types of medication (oral and topical) I went on my first round of accutane for about 5 months. It worked miracles. About 6 months after I finished the round, it slowly made its way back. Frustrated, I started round 2 when I was 17 for 6 months this round. This time I was even more dry than I was in round 1, and had many an embarrassing day at school when my face dried out everywhere without me noticing it. But, I sucked it up, knowing that this was my only option, and made it through. It was, again, miraculously clear with good preventative care taking place morning and night every day. It stayed clear for a good 6 months again...and then it slowly but surely started its way back, just recently getting to the point where it became painfully cystic has been absolutely unbearable and severely embarassing.. So here I am, in my 2nd week, of my 1st month of ROUND THREE about to begin my junior year in college. You could imagine how discouraged anyone in this position would feel at this point, but knowing everything that I am about to go through during these next 5 months, all of the side effects that I have experienced from the last 2 rounds, is well worth the confidence I gained when my face was flawlessly clear at the end of the previous rounds. I have not met many people who have had to go for a 3rd round but this site has definitely given me somewhat of a renewed hope (which is really all that I am running off of at this point). I've been on everything else under the sun and accutane is the only thing to ever make any sort of difference. So I just wanted to say thank you for this site, I am not sure if you still look at it or not but it has really helped me as well as many others I am sure. I'm sorry about the novel!! I just had to get it all out there, somewhere. Thanks again!!


Ill give accutane a try, this was very helpful.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for going to so much trouble to post all of this amazingly helpful information, along with all of the photos! God bless you! I also want you to know that yours was one of the first links to pop up when I did a Google search on Accutane this morning (my 15 year old daughter who has severe acne on her face is on month #2 of her treatment). This is a fantastic web site! Just fantastic. Thank you.


Hey I just want to say thank you so much for this fantastic site, no other site has been so helpful. i've been on accutane for nine weeks and though I don't have any acne on my body anymore I still have it bad on my face. This site definately gives me hope, I'm so glad it worked for you I hope it does that well for me. Thanks again :)

African Queen

Please keep your site. Im just about to start a treatment for my acne. Its one of my 2012's reolution....I've been battling against acne for almost 10 years now and nothing has really worked. And now instead of being excited about the holidays im pretty much depressed because i've developed a severe increase of acne this week...I went through all your pics and i just want to thank you for having such courage in the beginning and posting and documenting all your efforts. Your progress had been amazing! Thank you so much for giving up hope that we can one day be clear. Im writing you from Ivory Coast in Africa so see your are GLOBAL youont need to advertise that much!!!

Tyler Ann

Most AMAZING site I've seen so far! I'm starting in January so I'm starting to become obsessed about learning how to keep myself healthy. Especially playing d1 collegiate softball!! It's a GREAT website, so don't get rid of it! Even though your thoughts of getting rid of it were from multiple years ago, so I don't think there's a danger there.. good stuff, son! The tips on diet were great too. THANKS! haha :)


Please please keep your site. I am on my first week of accutane and reading all your helpful advise has been great!!!




soo happy it worked for you <3 hope it does the same for me


This is very helpful especially the pictures they give me much hope. Having suffered from acne for almost 15 years t is difficult to imagine anything that will make it completely go away. I am now on isotretinoin and your story shows me that it can work.


Marissa, thanks for your story-- I'm glad you are doing OK now.

I want to share a few articles with you that you and others may find useful.
Regarding IBS, there's an increasing book of evidence that it may be linked to human grain intolerance:

(The daily apple is far and away one of my favorite blogs-- simply wonderful advise!)

Here's a perfect list of vitamins and minerals to use as a point of reference for proper supplementation.

This, too, may help with your ailments.

Ill take this opportunity to again preach the gospel on the paramount importance of proper Vitamin D3 intake.

Best wishes!

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Hey there. I took Accutane roughly 4 or 5 years ago. I battled severe cystic acne since I was 11, and at the age of 21, I had HAD IT! I decided that Accutane would be the only option left under the sun to save my confidence and make the few remaining college years that I had left... tolerable! Long story short, the Accutane worked. My acne vanished... but not without a lengthy list of side effects. One of the saddest side effects was that my beautiful long hair fell out and I began balding at an unusually quick rate. Once my Accutane cycle was over, my hair began to slowly grow back, but it has never grown the same since. Also, I developed IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease), which when I signed the waiver to take the medication was definitely not on the list of side effects. Lastly, a few months after taking the Accutane, my acne RETURNED! I was so disheartened, and I certainly wasn't going to risk all of my hair falling out and going on another cycle, so I continued to just use my Proactiv and cake on make up. Eventually, at 25 years old, my acne just ran it's course I suppose and went away on it's own.

Much luck with your journey, although ours have had opposite outcome, I do believe it works, I just don't believe the side effects were worth it (for me).

Wendy K

Wow! You are awesome. SO BRAVE to be so honest about such a difficult problem. I have had acne for years and now my son has it and is just about to start Accutane. Your site will help him in a profound way. Thank you

illZ wonG

thAnk you for keepinG thiz site open untiL now - i am grAteful.....google seArch hAz led me to youR site, so there'Z izn'T reAlly any officiAl wAy to spreAd your kind effortZ....you are deeplY appreciAted. ;)


Definitely keep your site. It gives peeople some hope. My son was battling a severe case of acne and was running out of hope. Accutane was the ONLY thing that helped. I wish I would have found these picture earlier to share with him. I give you alot of credit and just know that you are helping others!


This site is great ! I am considering going on accutane and am really concerned about the whole depression thing. By nature I am a very happy soul and I would hate to have that taken away from me. I hope you are still clear of your gack-ney as I have coined it :-)


Extremely brave of you to document and share this experience. Very helpfull, thank you!


My daughter has just started the treatment (15 years, severe)after much soul-searching re side effects, and I have been surfing to try to see pictures of what this drug can achieve. Thank you so much for being brave enough to let the world see your progress. It gives me hope that my daughters hell will soon be over.


Thank you so much for having this website. It really reassures me that Accutane will work. I've been on it for 5 weeks and am kind of frustrated, but when I look at your week 18 + weeks, I get relieved. Thanks again!


hey, thanks for the site. its encouraging to see the improvements from week to week. i'm about to start amnesteem next week and seeing your pics gives me hope. why did you switch from amnesteem to accutane? does it make a difference?


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that seeing your pictures really gives me hope! I hope this does not sound rude but my acne is not quite as bad as yours (was) :) so to see your pics it really makes me want to continue. I am currently taken the generic stuff (amnestem sp?) and I am very moody, kinda depressed, dry eyes, lips, and face. However, I am already seeing some improvement so I have faith. It just sucks because I have to pay for it all out of pocket which is costing me an arm and a leg but if the results are any good as yours I will stick with it. Thanks for the hope, feel free to email me any time.



Definitely helpful.


Keep your website. I found it through Sara's Accutane Journal (http://www.hayllar.com/accutane/archives/000875.html).
Your pictures are excellent and very encouraging. I started Accutane 9 weeks ago 11-13 more weeks to go.

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