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January 07, 2005


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Acne No More Review

Stop drinking soda and stop eating many sweets, chocolate. These are not good for acne.


Stephen, it gives me a warm satisfaction to know that my difficult experience has been helpful to you-- Im very glad you are looking at the future with brighter eyes, and I wish you the greatest of luck my friend--


I know its been a while since anyone has last posted, but man, I gotta tell you, this documentation has given me a lot of hope. Currently, I have very similar acne to the type of acne you experienced so long ago (horrendous back/chest/neck acne), and I'm also taking accutane to treat it. I'm only on week 7, but it's so frustrating that I haven't seen any results yet. I'm so glad I came across this, because there have been multiple instances where I've considered stopping because I thought that accutane just isn't working for me. You've given me new hopes. Thank you.

Cindy L.

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Thanks for documenting your experience with Accutane. I learned a lot from reading your posts when I was about to start the drug.

You also inspired me to document my own experience as well to help others.

Paul Michaels
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

eric willis

just looked at your site and all your pics.
man it realy worked for you.i've tried everything posible with no results ya my ance would go away but would always come back.i've been fighting ance about 20 years now and i cant tell you how tired i am of fighting this fight.seeing this site has realy help my feel good about starting accutane maybe theres hope & i can stop hiding from the world.

Mia Eubanks

Wow! Please keep "spamming" up the acne boards. It is how I found you. You could even start up your own website. You should be a spokesmodel for accutane. You look absolutely fabulous.


this site is amazing and your skin looks so great now. congrats! i was on accutane 4 years ago and i have started a second round this year. It has been five months and my face is finally starting to get better, slowly. Your pictures helped me remember how patient you have to be while on the medicine. Great job on putting all this together! :)


thanks for posting these pictures, i recently started accutane and i feel so optimistic after going through your pictures.


Hi.. I really love your blog. I am on 2nd week of Accutane. I am suffering frm moderate-mild acne conglobata.. And this week i had severe breakout i got really scared.. but watching your snaps revealed my fear. Thanks for being so courageous and displaying and sharing your snaps. I really appreciate it :)
luv frm norway


Hey, I just wanted to thank you for your blog! I am 2 and a half months into treatment and starting to feel discouraged that I'm not seeing better results. I know it takes patience and seeing your pictures has proven to me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks so much!



Great, amazing pictures love. I found this while looking for a special african facial product that i saw on a infomercial one night lol. It was on this site: http://skin-care.blogcarnival.com/archives/2005/03/index.html

ur pictures and updated will have to impact someone. they are very organized and u put alot of time into ur work. ♥


I just wanted to tell you what an amazing person you are. Your site is great and I think you have a lot of courage. Acne is the most embarassing thing I have ever had to endure amd it went away for a while when I took accutane 2 1/2 years ago and now I'm going for round two. They say that half of the people benefit from a second round. Anyway, I was looking for new journals and pictures and I happened to come upon your URL. Just wanted to say thank you.



I found your blog through a link in some other acne related blog. Thank you for putting up an excellent site for progress pictures. Nice and clinical. :) Your progress is tremendous. You look like an entirely different person. The freedom from acne must be exhilirating.

I'm getting the bloodwork done tommorow. Only a matter of days before I start the cycle... I can't wait for 5 months from now.

Thanks again.

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