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October 02, 2007


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Thanks so much for documenting your accutane progress! I am a 28 year old female who has been suffering from acne since I was 18. I have been on accutane once before, and decided to give it go for another round!!! But I think as I aged I got more nervous about the side effects, etc. I'm on Day 2, and seeing your blog reassured me that it will all be ok and worth it! Well done!


I've been checking out your blogsite off and on since I made the decision to try Accutane a month ago in hopes that my 10 year battle with acne will finally come to an end. I apologize for not commenting sooner that you are truly an inspiration to me. I just pray that Accutane will work for me as it did for you. By the way, I went to see the movie Enchanted the other day with my little niece, and I just had to tell you that you look like the character Prince Edward (actor James Marsden) in the movie. Very handsome, I must say!

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