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April 26, 2009


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Sildenafil function

I have to admit I am very impressed with the quality of your blog. It is certainly a pleasure to read as I do enjoy your posts.


hey,just wanted to say that your blog is very helpful!you 've done a great job :)
i have just started taking accutane(30 mgr).my doctor had prescribed it to me since october but as soon as i heard about all its side-effects i postponed the treatment -till now..the thruth is that my face isn;t that bad..my acne is located on the lower part of my cheeks.i mean with (lots of)makeup on,i look fine.and i am very afraid of the situation worsening due to accutane.. :( how long does the worst part last?does everybody go through the cystic acne phase?thanx :)**


Wow... u look great!

Holly Kuepfert

Thank you. My 13 year old daughter is supposed to start on Accutane tomorrow. I have been up for two nights looking for comfort that I am doing the right thing for her. This is great encouragement.




thanks for the great accutane site! its helping a ton...im so excited to finally get the clear skin i deserve! oh, by the way, hot bod! you look great!



Why I've waited till I'm 30 to try this I'm not sure, I guess it's cause my acne is not severe but still a daily pain in my but. I was very scared to try this but feel better now after reading your blog.
And WOW you look so great.......Skin and Body.



I just happened to chance upon your site. My boyfriend just started with the Accutane and after showing your site to him, he feels a lot better about taking it. He's really thankful (and I am too!) You look great!

illZ wonG

hihI mAtt...!!

it wAz awesoMe to fiNd you.

i juZ tooK the 1sT pilL of Isotretinoin - yeZ, todAy iz mY dAy 1~!!!! i'M stArting witH 40mg/dAy regiMe az welL!! hi^5~!

i wilL ploW througH youR whoLe bloG now....

...i anticipAte the positiVe effectZ of Isotretinoin!!

thAnkz and keeP workinG ouT!! ^o^

P from California

I've been on Accutane for one month now. And just when things started to look a bit better, I got a HUGE cyst on my jaw. Went to see the dermatologist and he said it was an ABSCESS, which he had to puncture and drain! It was painful! has anyone else gotten these ABSCESSES?

Also I started out at 40 mg in the first month and the doc increased it to 60 mg. Has anyone been on the same boat? I don't feel much side effects other than dry lips. I hope it stays that way.

P from California


Thanks for the ongoing encouragement! Your site is a beacon of light to everyone starting accutane, and definitely helped me through the awful first months of my treatment.

(PS, nice bod! Maybe add a workout regime section? haha)

mat s

sometimes i feel like the drug isnt fully getting into my system. either the pill doesnt stay in long enough or its not being dispersed into the bloodstream/whatever. Soemtimes when i take it with dinner, it passes out later on if you know what i mean. I see that people sometimes take it with milk? Is that really smart? Also, i read alot about how they come and go within a day or two. thats not happening with my so far. for the small ones it is but not the bigger ones. thats another reason why i think im not taking the pill right. any thoughts??

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