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December 11, 2009


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I am glad to say that the claravis (generic accutane) worked!! I have been on it for almost 7 months but in the end it is definetly worth it. I was about completely acne free in about the fifth month, but i still do get the occasional pimple. I also did a low glycemic diet which i believed helped. Thanks again!


No, YOU rock :) Thank you for letting me know this place helped you-- I hope you write me to let me know how you are doing through the process-- Ill be pulling for you, and look forward to hearing about your success--

Jessica Mankin

I have terrible acne just as you "use to" and i just happened to come accross your page while reading medical journals.
I am a 25 yr old female and I am so embarassed by not only the actual nodules but the scars.
I hope you know just how much you have truly helped people by being so selfless and letting yourself be vulnerable in educating all the sufferers in need of "HOPE". You rock. I am going to go to the doctor here soon to discuss my options and with the beautiful progress that you have had over time, you inspire me and keep me going til I experience my Clear day.

Thanks for being you.



Randy, you just made my day-- and I cant be sincere enough in saying that all of your comments have a huge positive impact on my life. You all make me feel like long, long years of my own self-consciousness and pain are worth it somehow-- I hope that doesnt seem as cliche as it sounds--
That this site helps you in some small way means the world to me... thank YOU- - for finding it, and for taking the time to drop me a line and let me know that it was useful to you :)


Day 46 for me. This is a great site. When I think is this really worth it? I take a look at your progress, it encourage me to keep going. I had acne as a teen then I cleared up for most of my 20's. It wasn't until Dec. of 08 and all of 09 that I had a probelm. Not near as severe as others, but enough to make me self conscience. I'm just thankful for this site, and for this drug. I am just now seeing results. Thanks again


Thank you too-- it's guys and girls exactly like you all that I hoped to help with this little experiment :)


Dude..... your awesome. Thank you soooo much. I started a generic accutane on Dec. 16 and im so excited to see what im going to look like for the summer and your pictures make me feel like its going to be the best summer ever:)


Wow! Well, I decided just today(the 14th of December, 2009) that I would go on the internet and find something useful on the topic of accutane. I started accutane not more than a week and a half ago, and so far, I've experienced a little bit of the "getting worse" phase. It got a little hard to leave my dorm for class last week, but with the confidence of knowing that I would have less of those embarrassing days in the near future, I managed. I think what you have done here is truly amazing. Thank you for being so... Brave!!! I dont think I could have done what you did, the whole posting up pictures of you on your journey [battle] to clear skin. Thank you for giving me hope that some day, my skin will be clear too :D

Oh, and props for keeping this site going. I noticed you started in 05, so it was indeed surprising to see that just three days ago you updated the site.

Thanks Much!

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