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January 08, 2010


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your blog really helps me understand more about accutane!!!! i'm going to be starting it in about a month and now i feel more safe about it! your results look great and i hope mine turn out the same! keep updating please! [:


I am almost 38 and on the last possible drugs for the last time before Accutane. This site helps. The pictures tell all of our tales. I didn't get acne until I was an adult. After viewing your photos, I don't know that I can live through weeks 5-16. Kudos to you for sticking with it and enduring the pain of those pustules. Best of luck in it not coming back!!!

White Fox

I agree. Keep updating!!


This is by far the best accutane website I could find. It has the all the information on the drug and the best part is all those PICTURES that you took. The pictures mean everything to me and I am extremely happy that you took them and spent your time making this great website. I have tried absolutly every acne drug besides accutane and in a few days I am going back to the derm to get put on accutane. I am so depressed about how large my pores are now and the scaring I am starting to accumulate. I just turned 18 and dont want acne controling my adult life like it has my teenage years.

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