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February 17, 2010


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acne treatment

Acne is a large part of life for most teenagers and accutane is a powerful acne-fighting medication. Thanks very much for sharing your precious comprehension. You make a great point. Got some great information here. Your view is definitely something Id like to see more of.


Thanks JS-- Im glad to hear that-- please return during or after your treatment and let me know how everything goes :)

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I am going in for my first bloodwork/prescription this week. I'm kind of nervous but you're pictures are amazing. Seeing your results have made me really excited to start my treatment. I hope it works that well for me. You look great!


Thank you so much for the advice! I never thought to do that-- I know, counter-productive for sure --

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White Fox


To get more people on the blog you should try to somewhat advertise it at the acne.org forum or something. A LOT OF acne sufferers and accutane people are on there.


Thank you so much for your kind words-- I looked back myself to see what dose I was on, and it was 40mg/day for the first two weeks, increased to 80mg (40x2- morning and eve.) for the remaining duration.

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Hi Candice-- Im happy to say I have not had any problems result from the treatment--
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I just wanted to tell you that your blog was very helpful. I haven't read it all yet so I'm not sure if you mentioned, how high a dose were you on and how often did you take it?


Btw, I like your writing style, and taste in music!


Great blog, I am considering it and it has been extremely helpful! Is your skin still clear after your treatment? Have you had any recurring problems?

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