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June 24, 2010


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Only found your site today man and I'm glad that I did you've given me hope on what I'd call a bad day.. Thanks man I really appreciate this site


Thankyou for this site, huge for motivation to keep on going through the treatment!


i just about to start on roaccutane (i think its the same as accutane). i only have a mild case of acne compared to your case but they have put me on a much smaller dosage. this blog gives me so much hope for the future and finally getting rid of my horrible skin. its so frustrating because like you i lead a super healthy lifestyle and it does my head in that my skin does not reflect this.
im glad your skin is still clear so many years on, that is one thing that bothers me and like you i can see myself getting paranoid about keeping my skin clear.
thank you again for this blog, it has definately given me peace of mind.


Thank you so much for making this site. I'm on Claravis right now and it gives me hope to look at the pictures of your progress. The medicine is working and I'm getting more and more confidence every day. This site really helped :)

Michelle -

Hi Matt,

I have suffered from back acne since my teens (now 37). I am getting married to my long time partner soon and I am determined to wear a strapless wedding dress.

Im in my 8th week of the medicine, yet to see any major signs of improvement, but the oilyness has gone thankfully. Was searching for hope on the internet and came across your blog. Very happy to see that you had such good results, and also that others had similar results seemingly improving from the 20th week. Im so impatient... So far so good tho, nothing but the dry eyes, lips and flaky skin - which now looks smooth and shiny where it was previously rough and bumpy.
Please keep the site alive, would like to continue posting my results..



Im glad youre around to make this site useful-- I am happy to report that I am still free of any acne on my body-- with the exception of my scalp near the temple and nape of my neck if Im not conscious of washing my hair regularly.
Otherwise, I am still happily clear.

Its worth the effort to stay positive--and I can tell you are.
Keep up the healthy lifestyle and enjoy watching your body reset... each of us has our own recovery schedule,
but Im excited for you to become clear! Remember to come back and let other seekers know how you come along-- I dont just want my success to live on this site, I want all of our stories!
To: [email protected]



I couldn't be more appreciative of you keeping this site up. First off, I've been doing 80 mg/day and my chest looks EXACTLY as yours did. Now, I'm heading into my 13th week and my chest hasn't improved that much yet. Still getting breakouts, lots of scarring ect. But looking through your pictures has given me a lot of hope for the 3 months I have left on accutane. So thank you

Also, has any acne on your chest/neck returned? Or has accutane kept it away all these years?


Wow i am glad i stumbled across your site! i am nearing my 8th week at 60mg/day and was starting to lose hope of accutane actually working for me. this is exactly what i needed, detailed progress pictures!



Thank you.Im sure that has taken alot of "guts" to put up!
I am on my third week...and dont even want to show my face to anybody let alone look in the mirror.
Thank you for sharing.


hey Matt,

i'm nearly my 17th week.

I'm incredibly happy to have seen the great improvement overall on your skin. especially your chest and neck. I have a very similar look on my chest. So seeing the before and after really is going to help me push to these final months and post-claravis months! I was becoming worried that the stuff on my chest wouldn't disappear, but hearing from others and seeing it through your pictures that the improvements are really seen post-claravis really gives me the hope and relief I was seeking.

I personally want to thank you for keeping your post alive and allowing myself and whomever else that is dealing with this issue see that there is a lighter side to this.

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